Abstracts Track 2021

Nr: 4

Barriers and Enablers of Knowledge Sharing in the Hotel Industry


Christian Becke

Abstract: Knowledge sharing is an important process to create innovation through the sharing of knowledge among employees in the hotel industry. This process is influenced by complex internal and external factors that operate along the entire process of knowledge sharing. Barriers and enablers can be derived from these factors. In order to develop strategies to overcome barriers and exploit enablers, managers need to identify them. The paper deals with the identification of barriers and enablers in the hotel industry in the form of a literature review. For this purpose, current and essential literature on the topic of knowledge sharing is reviewed and examined in the context of the hotel industry. The results show that there are deficits with regard to the integration approaches of knowledge sharing in the hotel industry. Successful knowledge sharing involves passing on tacit knowledge and has the greatest impact when focused on the individuals within the organisations. Barriers can be divided into organisational, technological and human categories. The innovation performance of organisations can be influenced by individual factors from these categories. Enablers can be identified at individual, group and organisational levels. The approach at these levels can influence employee behaviour to create a knowledge sharing culture in individual, group and organisational contexts. To integrate sustainable knowledge sharing approaches, strategies for successfully overcoming barriers and promoting enablers can be developed based on the identified factors. The results show that targeted human resource management practices are effective in promoting and establishing knowledge sharing within the organisation. The findings also show that a structured approach to integrating knowledge sharing within organisations is essential. It emerges that there is a need for further research on the integration and establishment of knowledge-sharing cultures in the hotel industry.